Chicago-based City Cycle I Inc. makes passing the Illinois motorcycle license test easy — and nearly fail-proof. We rent scooters for the motorcycle road test since they are easier to handle than large bikes, giving our customers the confidence they need to cruise through the skills assessment. Call us at (312) 866-9340 to reserve a scooter rental, and you’ll be licensed and road-ready in no time. 

Passing the Road Test

Rent Scooter for Motorcycle Road Test in Chicago

Using a scooter rental from City Cycle for the state’s motorcycle road test gives novice riders a distinct advantage. Our 170cc scooters are lighter and easier to handle during the evaluation, and we also show you what you need to know. To pass the test, you must be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Weave through cones and then make a smooth stop with your front tire inside a painted box.
  • Make a right turn and then a left U-turn inside a painted box.
  • Accelerate in a straight line, stabilize your speed, and then make a quick stop without rolling left or right.
  • Swerve around a marked obstacle area without leaving the marked course.

While these maneuvers may sound challenging, City Cycle’s owners are avid riders who understand the nuances of the motorcycle test. Rest assured, our tips and guidance give you a real edge. And once you earn your Class M license, you can operate any size motorcycle. Check out our FAQs to learn more.

Scooter Rentals Make Motorcycle Test a Breeze

When you rent a scooter for the motorcycle license test, City Cycle sets you up for success. Here’s how:

  • First, we schedule a day and time to meet you at a Driver Services office in the Chicagoland area — anywhere from Bridgeview to Schaumburg and beyond — with one of our 170cc scooters. We’ll even provide a helmet and the required shatter-resistant eye gear, if needed.
  • If you don’t already have a motorcycle permit, which is required to complete the motorcycle road test, you can take a short written exam and get one for $10. (Make sure to study the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual for both the permit and license tests.)
  • Before the road test, City Cycle staff will walk you through operating the scooter and provide an overview of the skills you need to pass the driving evaluation.
  • If you’d like extra preparation time, we can set up cones to simulate the test course and let you practice before the exam for an additional fee.
  • Once you’re done, we’ll be there to haul away the scooter while you enjoy the freedom that comes from having your Class M license!

The City Cycle team knows from experience how easy scooter rentals can make the motorcycle license test — about 90 percent of our customers pass with flying colors on their first time. If you’re among the few who don’t, your second attempt is free. Get your license the easy way, and call us at (312) 866-9340 to rent a scooter! And don’t forget to check out our scooter classes as well.