Truly understanding road safety and operating a motorcycle or scooter in Chicago takes experience. That’s why the team at City Cycle I Inc. is proud to share our expertise by offering scooter classes and moped lessons. Call City Cycle at (312) 866-9340 to learn more about our scooter lessons or to make a reservation.

Learn from the Experts

At City Cycle we have a passion for teaching motorcycle and scooter safety. That’s because we know when you truly understand the rules of the road, basic maintenance, and basic safety procedures, driving a scooter or moped in the city is less dangerous and more fun. Learn more about our experience on the FAQ page before signing up for a scooter class.

City Cycle also offers a quick lesson on operating a scooter and preparing for the Illinois motorcycle test. We love sharing these tips for new riders so they can get their license! That quick tutorial only provides the basics required to pass the driving evaluation, but we also can set up a simulated test course to help you prepare.

Did you know that a motorcycle needs more frequent attention than a car? There’s so much to learn to keep you safe on the road. Our scooter class can give you the knowledge to care for your ride and make sure it’s road-ready every time you cruise the city.

Scooter Classes Chicago

City Cycle for All Your Scooter Needs

Scooter classes and moped lessons are just one way City Cycle serves the Chicago area. We also offer scooter rentals for customers in Joliet, NapervilleBridgeview, and beyond. Check out our specials and rates to find the best rental for you. Contact us today at (312) 866-9340 to request a reservation for our Chicago scooter lessons or rentals!