Whether you’re looking to join the Schaumburg scooter and motorcycle community or you just want a two-wheeled weekend getaway, let City Cycle I Inc. hook you up. We provide convenient scooter rentals for leisure excursions and help aspiring bikers pass the motorcycle road test, sharing our passion for exploring the open road around Chicago. Contact City Cycle at (312) 866-9340 to request a moped rental today!

Scooter Rental for Motorcycle Road Test

We understand if you’re a little nervous about taking Illinois’ motorcycle license test. That’s the whole reason we offer our scooter rental for the driving evaluation. We can meet you at the Schaumburg Driver Services location with one of our 170cc scooters, which are lighter and easier to handle than full-size motorcycles. Before you take the road test, we’ll talk you through what to expect and give you a few pointers so you’re ready. Just think of us as your first buddies in the Chicago-area motorcycle community.

Scooter Rental Schaumburg IL

Rent a Scooter for Any Occasion

Our hourly or daily scooter rentals in Schaumburg are a great option for exploring the suburbs or heading into the city. City Cycle offers discounts for group rentals, so consider a moped rental for your wedding party, birthday celebration, or other special event. If you’re looking for something new to do in the city, check out our Chicago scooter tours.

Gain Valuable Skills in Scooter Classes

Ready to be fully immersed in scooter and motorcycle culture? City Cycle scooter classes can help. Basic maintenance and safety checks are an important part of being a motorcycle or scooter owner — and they can be handy if you’re planning to rent a scooter too. City Cycle’s owners have advanced motorcycle training (read our bios on the FAQs page), and we are passionate about teaching motorcycle safety to others.

Contact Us Today

City Cycle is committed to providing prompt and professional service to clients in Schaumburg, Bridgeview and beyond. Learn more about our scooter rental and other services by checking out our rates, and specials. And if you’re a past customer, please consider writing a review. Call us at (312) 866-9340 to make a reservation!