Ready to be a carrying member of a motorcycle license? Let City Cycle I Inc. help you out! One of the many services we offer at City Cycle I Inc. of Chicago is scooter rentals for the Illinois motorcycle license test. Plus, our crew can help give you tips and tricks for passing your exam. Here’s how it works.

To get your motorcycle license in Illinois, you have to be able to pass a series of skill tests. This exam has proven to be much easier for novices to pass when they use a scooter rental instead of a larger bike. A scooter rental has many advantages, including a smaller, lighter frame that’s easier to maneuver.

By renting a scooter for your motorcycle license test, City Cycle I Inc. can make passing the test a breeze. In fact, in addition to a road test scooter rental, we can offer some of the following services to help you prepare:

  • On-site written exam to get your motorcycle permit (necessary for taking the license test)
  • Scooter operation training
  • Overview of the motorcycle skills test
  • Course simulation
  • Scooter rental for the day of the exam

Note that some of these services add costs to your scooter rental, so you will want to consult with one of our staff members when making your reservation and asking about our rates.

We are so confident that our guidance and scooter rental can help you pass your motorcycle license skills test that we waive the fee if you have to take the test a second time. Almost 90% of our scooter rental customers pass the test the first time around. If you want to be part of that statistic, then don’t hesitate to contact the City Cycle I Inc. staff at (312) 866-9340 to reserve your scooter rental today.