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We focus in helping experienced motorcycle riders, obtain their motorcycle license. By renting our 170CC automatic scooters. We also rent out our scooters as daily leisure rentals, to enjoy a ride around Chicago or anywhere in the Chicago land & suburban areas.

Est. 2010

City Cycle Chicago Inc. has helped countless riders earn their motorcycle licenses and has become the leading rental authority in the tri-state area for two-wheeled vehicles. Our unique staff is comprised of highly trained and passionate individuals that aim to provide the best service to our diverse clientele.

City Cycle Chicago Inc’s staff members combine the duties of instructors with the gung-ho nature of enthusiasts; it’s their stated goal to spread motorcycle awareness, safety, and love throughout the City of Chicago. They even help riders earn their licenses, going so far as to show up with a vehicle on the day of the DMV test to provide coaching and support. But renting out their fleet of scooters for recreational riding is what gets their operation the most kudos. They tout the rentals as the “best way to see the Windy City,” a claim they live up to by delivering the scooter to your front door and by noting that it’s easy to park one just about anywhere, such as between two cars or right inside the mayor’s office.

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